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Hello to all fellow bloggers i am Denise and i have been card making for a good few year's now and i have also done a small amount of scrapbooking . I am married to Robin who likes to get involved as well by printing out the verses for my cards, we have one son called shaun and we live in Nottinghamshire, i am a stay at home wife and mum who likes going out meeting other crafting people. The first time i did any crafting i went to a small craft shop called Kim's in blyth which is a village shop near where i live. Then i got into cricut crafting i tried to master it myself, but then found out that Samauel Taylor's at leed's ran a cricut lessons by Sue Hobb so i got the basic step's from her. Then started going to Ali crafts near Lincoln and i found a lady called Fiona who really does know what she is talking about when it comes to cricut and the design studio so it is to her who i owe big thanks to for getting me to the stage i am at with my crafting.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

The long awaited shed photo's

Here we go then girl's this is my craft shed /den / cabin / villa and my bit of heaven..
My hubby got it for me last october and as you will see he has made a fab job 
 And a bit nearer
This view is from just outside the door
Now we are just inside,as you can see all the way done the left side i have lots of storage, on the edge the wooden draw's are full of all kind's of rubber stamp's.then in the cube's i have my paper and card stored and yes it is also on the top of the unit .
 Then along the 8ft side which has 1 window i again have yet more storage for my cricut thing's but that is under my worktop.
Oh no even more storage along the 10ft side which has three window's, on the bottom right of the photo you can see the worktop turn's again and under it i have a draw unit with all my punches in.

Well i hope you have all enjoyed your trip around my bit of heaven xx


  1. WOW that looks great all neat and tidy too, wish I could keep my craft room that tidy. Looks like you get plenty of natural light.

    Jean X

  2. Hi jean yes it is good for the light ,but my hubby as also put me 3 daylight tube's up so that i can craft at any time,well it is tidy because hubby had just been doing something so he had a quick tidy up. xx d

  3. Ummmm at last the pic's are up. Love it super place for any queen to craft. Happy time to be had, looking good.
    Fi x

  4. What a fabulous place! You are a very lucky girl and I hope to share a cuppa with you in it soon !! Happy Crafting. Jo xxx

  5. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat whens the cabin warming
    love and hugs

    Pauline B

  6. do u take bookings for holidays

  7. you lucky ducky!!!! i cant wait until i have my own craft room!

  8. What an amazing craft room. Mine is all in my bedroom, taking over more and more of the room! lol.Lindax

  9. You could have invited me for a coffee and a craft morning !!! After all the craft hours you spent in my 'room'