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Hello to all fellow bloggers i am Denise and i have been card making for a good few year's now and i have also done a small amount of scrapbooking . I am married to Robin who likes to get involved as well by printing out the verses for my cards, we have one son called shaun and we live in Nottinghamshire, i am a stay at home wife and mum who likes going out meeting other crafting people. The first time i did any crafting i went to a small craft shop called Kim's in blyth which is a village shop near where i live. Then i got into cricut crafting i tried to master it myself, but then found out that Samauel Taylor's at leed's ran a cricut lessons by Sue Hobb so i got the basic step's from her. Then started going to Ali crafts near Lincoln and i found a lady called Fiona who really does know what she is talking about when it comes to cricut and the design studio so it is to her who i owe big thanks to for getting me to the stage i am at with my crafting.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Guilding Day

Another crafting day at Jo Channon's, this time we used mainly stamp's by Indgo Moon and applied flitter glue (funny word is'nt it) , you put the glue on the stamp just like spreading butter on bread , stamp but dont press hard onto your card as you will end up with your work stuck to the stamp,then it is time to use the guilding flake's,and oh what fun that is (rembember dont sneeze/cough or laugh to much when u you use them as they will fly everywhere belive me) . I had not used them before so it was fun to try them.


  1. Oh what lovely cards looks like you had another great time at class.
    Fi xx

  2. oooh they are gorgeous denise, i think that last one is my fav, its stunning
    hugs Lou xx

  3. Hi Denise, these are fabulous, I would like to try this technique
    Chris x.